Saturday 18 Nov 2017

Professional Development Programme in Public Relations Writing

" The PRISA courses have given me a career overhaul, I have an essence of strategic Public Relations, Communications and Marketing, I can handle various portfolio's that require me to render services within and beyond my expertise,

I can effectively write strategic documents like annual reports, corporate profiles, speech writing and newsletters and have been able to re-engineer some of the PR perspectives within my organisation e.g. Integrated Communications and Marketing Strategy, Communication Policy, Crisis Communications Strategy and stakeholder relations strategy . Provox has also equipped me with tactics and strategies to handle ethical considerations as a chartered Public Relations Practitioner that I have faced during my career.

Provox courses have been a great culmination of PR perspectives that gave me a great deal of practical skills, applicable knowledge as a knowledge manager. I have dealt with diverse case studies and have gained relevant information and skills to communicate, design and implement public relations, communication and marketing projects. Therefore, I recommend Provox to all the practitioners to extend their expertise". - Faith Rapulenglic





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